KM Reiki Services
Reiki is a therapy for stress reduction and relaxation

Terms & Conditions

I understand that Reiki is a stress reduction and relaxation technique. I acknowledge that sessions administered are only for the purpose of helping me relax and to relieve stress. Reiki Practitioners do not diagnose conditions, nor do they prescribe substances or perform medical treatment, nor interfere with the treatment of a licensed medical professional. It is recommended that I see a licensed physician, or licensed health care professional for any physical or psychological ailment or condition I may have.
I also understand the body has the ability to heal itself, and to do so complete relaxation is often beneficial. Long term imbalances in the body require multiple sessions to allow the body to reach the level of relaxation necessary to bring the system back into balance. I understand and believe that self-improvement requires commitment on my part, and that I must be willing to change in a positive way if I am to receive the full benefit of Reiki.
I acknowledge my commitment to my self-improvement process. I recognize that a Reiki session program must be followed to be truly effective, just as prescribed medication is only effective if taken as directed.